In 2006, Grand Industrial was built from the ground up by Justin Brown and Tom Smith. With six employees, one customer, and a wealth of knowledge, the partners pursued their belief that the construction contracting industry needed a different approach.

Today, Grand Industrial has grown into central Indiana’s leading industrial construction contractor. With in-house equipment and a turnkey service packagewe find custom solutions and build lifelong partnerships. Our full-service model, including construction management by Grand Contracting, means your needs will be addressed efficiently under one roof.

Services and Equipment

The most significant strength of Grand Industrial is our flexibility in combining our wide range of services into single-source solutions for our clients. We provide a complete "turn-key" facility maintenance package so our clients can focus their resources on what really matters to them - operating their business. 

Owning our equipment means we don’t rely on anyone else to provide the tools we need to get your job done. It gives us the flexibility to respond quickly with the right piece of equipment to serve your need. It also allows us to provide you with the best possible pricing.


Constant Communication

Communication starts with listening to the customer needs. We use our diverse background and years of service to discern the customer's needs. Once we understand what the customer needs us to accomplish we develop a plan that may include different options driven by cost and/or timeline. Often times meeting a desired timeline is the most critical element. We always seek to put the person the customer deals with on a regular basis at the point position. We like there to be as few points of contact as possible so the customer feels comfortable throughout the process. We make a point to set-up a single point of contact within our company for each customer. Our hope is that they will feel comfortable with the person who knows them and their company's needs the best. This process provides Grand Industrial's customer the reassurance that we are accurately meeting their needs throughout the process. 

Building Trust

Building Trust

We look to build trust through several aspects of our company. We think our longevity and the fact that we grew through the last recession speaks to our strength. We have added to our management team every year to accommodate our continued growth. We are always bringing on fresh perspectives and new insights to utilize in tackling our customer's needs. We have also continually added specialized equipment to better service our customers. We maintain our trucking company so that we can mobilize at a moments notice for our customers. We strive to be our customer's first call whenever they have an issue. 


Quality In-House Service

Grand Industrial's in-house services are not only here to support our field team, but to serve our customers immediate and long term needs. Our in-house services include sheet metal fabrication, standard and ornamental hand-railing, structural beams and supports, etc. The combination of our skilled fabricators, array of machinery, overhead cranes, and sense of pride give us the ability to handle any job no matter how small or large. We work with the mentality that there are no "problems" only opportunities for "solutions". Our staff has a wide range of skill sets fabricating with aluminum, carbon, and stainless steel including but not limited too holding tanks, pipe, handrail, embed plates, silos, pipe stands. With our in-house detailer we can take your idea, hand drawn sketch, or sample and turn it into a reality with the assistance of our 3D imaging. Our internal controls follow a quality control system that starts from the time a job enters our system till the time its leaves. Grand Industrial excels at creating solutions with our customers' best interest in mind. 

Saftey Always

Safety Always

Safety is not only a focus, it's our commitment. Grand Industrial strives to exceed safety expectations during every step of the process. Our in-house Safety Director, Justin Cruz, ensures that protocols are being met and procedures are followed. Justin is evaluating and re-evaluating, on a daily basis, how we can implement better and more efficient safety procedures. We perform daily checklists for every site, every job, every shift, every time. These daily checks are to prevent injuries and identify repairs that need to be made to equipment before accidents could happen. Here at Grand Industrial we are committed to Safety First, Safety Always.  

Meeting Timelines

Meeting Timelines

Grand Industrial strives to meet or exceed project timelines. A timeline that aligns with our customers' needs is what we want to both strive for and and share with you. It's our daily mission to meet your project's goals and to conquer your challenges. Among  all  of  the  values  consistent  to  a  project’s  success,  the  highly  essential  component  measured  in  project  management  is  the  project’s  timeline.    The  project  timeline  sets  the  course  for  how  the  project’s  work  scope  is  to  be  implemented  and  integrated  within  the  various  involved  parties  such  as  other  contractors,  suppliers,  vendors,  and  customer  representatives.  Without  a  timeline  set  from  the  start,  a  project  is  sure  to  sail  off  course  resulting  in  displeased  customers,  unhappy  workers,  over  budgeting,  and  ultimately  profit  loss. Grand Industrial strives to meet or exceed of its organized project timelines. It's the timeline that aligns and delivers the success that Grand Industrial wants to both strive for and and share with you. It's our daily mission to meet your project's goals and to conquer your challenges.     

Ongoing Customer Resource

Ongoing Customer Resource

Our number one goal with every customer is to be their first call when they need something completed. We want them to trust that a call to us will yield results. If we cannot provide something directly we will contact one of our many synergistic partners to get the right company involved to tackle the issue. We hope our customers understand that our broad range of services prepare us for complicated projects with tight timelines. Our EMR of .66 tells everyone that we keep safety at the forefront of everything we do.